about us

We are a team of geodetic surveyors and robotics engineers with decades of experience in flight guidance and industrial engineering projects. We are working on the development of autonomous surveying vessels. Our HYDRO-ONE project is designed for reliably standardized use in this area.

our services

HYDRO-ONE offers you fully automatic, flexible and customizable surface vessels for surveying applications in small and large bodies of water. The customizable design of our platform allows the integration of almost any type of sensor, whether it's yours or ours. We support you with any kind of customization.


depth measurements

The most requested application of unmanned surface vessels: Various sensors such as single/multi-beam echo sounder or side scan sonars detect both the depth readings and objects hidden under water.

3D periphery scan

Our ship is equipped with a 3D scanning lidar to create a 3D map of the area surrounding the body of water. With this data impairments of vegetation etc. are recorded.

underwater photography

With a light-sensitive camera, we can create extensive photos and videos of relevant underwater objects. In special cases we can also generate a 3D map of these objects.



HYDRO-ONE in action

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